Feline life stages

Feline life stages

The right diet for your cat is very important. CaroCroc cat food is suitable for cats in every stage of life. Is your cat a kitten, an adult or an older cat? CaroCroc has the optimum product for your cat.

Your Kitten

From birth your kitten continues to develop rapidly. The skeleton, teeth, muscles, and digestive system are formed during the first year of life. This is why good nutrition is crucial specifically in this stage for a healthy and active feline life. CaroCroc Kitten is a complete diet for kittens of all breeds.

Your Adult Cat

Adult cats have stopped growing, but their physical condition should be monitored. Fitness depends on food intake and physical activity. CaroCroc’s range has three food types for adult cats, so your cat can get what he or she needs:   

CaroCroc With Chicken: very tasty and easy to digest 
CaroCroc With Fish: for the picky eater 
CaroCroc With Lamb: in case of problems with digestion

Your Older Cat

As cats change, so do their nutritional needs. Physical condition remains of great importance. Optimal physical condition reduces the risk of disease and prolongs life. CaroCroc Senior is tailored to the specific needs of cats older than 8.

Have a look at the products:

CaroCroc Kitten
CaroCroc With Chicken
CaroCroc With Fish
CaroCroc With Lamb
CaroCroc Senior